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NonStop You!

We are focused on providing the best services for your needs and making it always a top priority to satisfy your needs 


About Us

Reliable & Honest

We are a brokerage that started from the bottom meaning we started from trucking allot of people that work at BBG have experience not only in the office but also on the field in the trucking industry and with this experience they can provide the best services and exceed them .

When you need a load shipped you can rest assure that you have a team with high competence in the field working for you.


Different from typical broker

More then a broker 
A truck driver

We understand what a load means in every way because of our team who worked on the field with trucks having some of them actually been truck drivers and now working in our office we can proudly say we are above the average broker that does not have this experience

When you need a load shipped at BBG we carefully plan everything to the last detail check anything that must be done leaving no space for error 


Professional Carriers for your needs

What We Provide

You can count on BBG to not only meet, but exceed all your needs and requests. We always make sure our customer benefits from the best trucking companies on the market

Freight Safety

Always making sure its secured

Allot of carriers are booked by a broker who doesn't take the time to verify on each load the equipment. At BBG every client and load is important to us . We always make sure the equipment is the correct one and it is in good condition and everything the client needs for making sure the load is secured will be there.


Professional Drivers

Attention to Drivers

Drivers are the one's who are transporting the good's having a huge role in the industry that is why we always keep good relations with experienced drivers and make sure our clients have the best trucks on the road. Weather conditions can cause problems with unskillful drivers that may result in accidents . At BBG we deal for our client only with the best drivers that years of experience behind the wheel.

Quality equipment for your needs

Knowledge of equipment

We have the experience in the trucking industry of equipment knowledge and we only offer our client carriers that have the best equipment that will transport the freight in top conditions . Having knowledge of a HighCube Reefer and a normal Reefer or a Ventilated Dry Van and and a normal Dry van and other examples can make the difference . Knowledge of equipment for the customer need is a key role .


Transporting the load

  1. Out team members that have had experience on the field as truck drivers know what it actually means to transport freight . They work in a much more successful way then a typical broker having the skill of communication with other truck drivers. 

  2. They know the hours a truck driver can drive the hours to call for a update status without waking them up in the middle of the night and in case of emergency we know how to take actions on either helping the driver finishing the load by contacting other drivers with mechanical knowledge or making sure the load can reach the destination by other means . 

  3. We work with owner operators who we have established a relation and know that they are committed to a load and can transport the freight in perfect condition giving us updates when they can without putting them at risk on the road through traffic or going on mountains while talking and having they're attention distracted.

  4. Aldo we have established relations with professional owner operators we always check everything even on our owner operators at BBG nothing is left to chance as on the road many can happen.

  5. We make sure to communicate with the driver for everything they need and also with the shipper for everything they need making sure everything works like a swiss clock.


Get in Touch

Questions, comments or requests? Feel free to reach out, we’d love to hear from you.

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